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Prospective Students and their families can schedule a tour of Athens Drive. Campus Tours are scheduled monthly. Please sign up for a tour date here if interested.

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ADHS Mission: The mission of ADHS is to educate every child with a relevant, rigorous curriculum which fosters positive relationships and prepares every student to be responsible and productive world citizens, able to manage future challenges.

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Policy Updates for 2014-2015

Please make sure that you familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures for Athens Drive High School. Below are policy updates that students will learn about the first week of school:

Parking and Lunch Pass Information



On February 7, 2015, Athens Drive will hold its annual Glass Slipper Ball to celebrate WCPSS Character Traits. The following students were nominated by the staff as exemplifying good character:
  • Tara Boldrin
  • Kelly Davison
  • Jenna Hiscock
  • Emma Jewett
  • Morgan Wade
  • Hannah York
  • Sarah Gibbons
  • Emilia Migliaccio
  • Bridget Nedoma
  • Luz Sanchez Perez
  • Dana Shefet
  • Ava Wallace
  • Blessing Aghimein
  • Zoe Allardice
  • Chloe DeRosa
  • Emma Edwardson
  • Jenna Keesee
  • Hannah Baldwin
  • Carolyn Berg
  • Irena Brain
  • Saja Habib
  • Shayna McKinnon
  • Ayah Samara
ACT WorkKeys Information
The ACT Workkeys is scheduled for February 5, 2015 during 1st, 2nd and Lunch A. Below are some important resources to explain the importance of the ACT Workkeys. Students who qualify are required to take this assessment
Volunteer Information
The volunteer system will be open on MONDAYS only from 8:00 am to 4:00pm. The volunteer system will be closed on January 19. Potential volunteers can access the volunteer system at any WCPSS school. At Athens, potential volunteers can access the site in the Public Library on the campus of ADHS.

Open Letter to Families of Athens Drive: Testing Particiption Rates
This letter is an open letter from Dr. Hedrick to all families of Athens Drive. The content of the letter explains the participation rates for end-of-course testing and accountability to 2013-2014.

NC Triangle Apprentice Program Open Houses
There is still time to register for the NCTAP Open Houses for January 17th and January 31st. To register for one of the open houses, go to

Athens Drive Stadium Update and Memorial Brick Campaign
Below is a graphic that shows the New Stadium Plans:

We will be breaking ground on our new stadium the last week of March, 2015!

In addition to our new stadium, Williams Stadium will also see some major improvements including a new track, handicap accessible grandstands, upgraded coaches decks by press box and a new drainage system around the field. As you know, the Athens Drive Jaguar Club is sponsoring a Memorial Brick Paver sale. This sale will continue only until the end of March so please submit your orders soon so that you have time to be part of our new stadium. If interested, please fill out the form for reserving a paver. Make checks payable to AThens Drive Jaguar Club Brick Paver. FOr questions or further information please contact Karin Evanoff at (919)244.4506 or email Karin Evanoff.

Athens Drive's Newest National Board Certified Teachers

Congratulations to Our Most Recent National Board Certified Teachers:

  • Mr. Deadmon, CTE
  • Ms. Hilton,Visual Arts
  • Ms. Hodgins, Special Education
  • Ms. Luna, CTE
  • Mr. Robertson, Special Education

Athens Drive currentlly has 31 National Board Certified Teachers. Currently NationalBoard Certified Teachers at Athens Drive High Schoolinclude the following:

Dr. Baber, Ms. Baker, Mrs. Childrey, Ms. Connor, Ms. Coticchio, Mr. Florio, Mrs. Griffin, Ms. Hardy, Mrs. Harrell, Mrs. Hennenlotter, Mrs. Hiton, Mrs. Hodgins, Mrs. Hornick, Mr. Kulow, Mrs. Lange, Mr. Liles, Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. McKeithan, Mrs. Pexton, Mrs. Nato, Mrs. Robertson. Mrs. Thomas, Ms. Von St Paul, Mr. Wood, Ms. Wright-Smith, Mrs. Yonally

FAFSA Day ~ Saturday, February 28, 2015

FAFSA Day is a FREE event offered to students and families who need financial aid resources for education beyond high school. The event will be held at more than 300 locations across North Carolina where college financial aid officers and financial specialists will be available to help students and families complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For more information, go to

Tardy Sweeps Parent and Student Notice

Being to class on time is important for students to maximize the school day and to maximize learning. Beginning the second week of December, ADHS administration and faculty will begin conducting random tardy sweeps to promote prompt arrival to class. Please see the memo about our tardy sweeps so that you will be informed about consequences for tardies

Financial Aid Information
The Financial Aid program is designed to be a one-on-one program for students and their parents who need financial help to attend college. ADHS's Financial Aid Advisor is Mrs. Tori Sharpe who is familiar with the financial aid process and the difficulties of filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Mrs. Sharpe is located in Student Services on Tuesdays. Appointments may be made by emailing her at or stopping by Student Services. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about financial aid that is available to you and why every student going to college should submit a FAFSA.

Athens Drive High School's Career Technical Education Department, STEM Academies and Student Services has rolled out a section on the student page to help with College and Career Planning. Each month, we will highlight a different theme and host specific events to help support students in planning for post-secodary opportunities. Please visit our page often to see what activities we have planned for each month. Also, remember that your counselors are here and available to help you with planning for your future. In addition, you can contact Mrs. Finkbeiner, our Career Development Coordinator in the Career Center located in the ADHS Media Center.

State Rolls Out Credit By Demonstrated Mastery
Starting in 2015, students will be able to earn credit for a course without spending a set number of hours taking the course in a classroom. Under the state’s new Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) option, uniquely qualified students may “test out” or bypass a course if they have already mastered the content. Parents and Students can learn more about Credit By Demostrated Mastery, including dates for Information sessions at the WCPSS web site and from your counselor.

Students Recognized by National Merit Scholars Program
The following students have been recognized by the National Merit Scholar Program:
  • Luc Spalding, National Merit Scholar Semi-finalist
  • Zoe Grimaila
  • Jennifer Li
  • Amith Mandavilli
  • Miranda Parker
  • Anumeena Sorna
  • Bette Sun
  • Cole Teander

College Reps on ADHS Campus


Military Career Officers Visits to ADHS~ Schedule:
Tutoring Available Through the WELL
  • Monday-US Army
  • 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month-US Marines
  • 4th Tuesday of the month-US Navy
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month-National Guard
US AirForce upon requested appointment

Students can request a Tutor through the Wade Edwards Learning Lab. Tutor Request through the WELL. Click Here to access the on-line Tutor Form.

ADHS Calendar

Frequently Used Numbers
919.233.4050- Main Office
919.233.4054- Fax
919.233.4067- Attendance
919.233.4060- Student Services
919. 233.4001-Media Center
919.233.4070- Athletics
919.854.1666-Community Schools
919.805.3030- Transportation

Counselors and Administrative Assignments
Organized by Last Names:
Last Name Begins with Administrator/ Counselor
A-D Katz / Cunningham
E-K Stallworth / Grififn
L-R Cleveland / Coats
S-Z Parrish / Hegarty

2014-2015 ADHS School Profile


Professional Learning Teams at Athens Drive High School
Professioal Learning Team Agendas
Professional Learning Team Minutes

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1420 Athens Drive, Raleigh, NC 27606-2427 

919.233.4050- Main Office
919.233.4067- Attendance
919.805.3030- WCPSS Transportation
919.431.7404- International Families
919.233.4060- Student Services
919. 233.4001-Media Center
919.233.4070- Athletics
919.854.1666- Community Schools

Principal: Dr. James Hedrick

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